Oh Mai Pie



Published Works

  • Pilu of the Woods
    Oni Press, April 2019

  • Little Ghost
    Self-published, 2015

  • Coral & the King
    Self-published, 2011

Mai rhymes with pie!

but my full name is Mai Kyoko Nguyen, and I currently live in the San Francisco bay area where I make comics and illustrations and everything in between. When I'm not doodling, I'm also a UX designer where I get to work collaboratively with very smart people.  

I've previously self-published two short stories, Coral & the King and Little Ghost. Right now, I'm working hard on my full-length graphic novel Pilu of the Woods— to be published by Oni Press in 2019! 

One last thing I feel that I should clarify is that, while I do absolutely love pie (and any other kind of food inside another food), I actually love ice cream way more.